We are Hub for Grub, a Social Enterprise founded in 2020.

Not only will we be a vibrant café at the heart of the community welcoming all with great food and drinks, we also want to showcase our commitment to Wolverhampton.  Spearheading a drive to push employment and employability prospects for people affected with mental health issues, homelessness and addiction who find themselves on the margins of society by offering some stability in the form of accredited hospitality training.

We source our supplies from wonky stock. If ever you have seen a misshaped carrot, a strange looking pepper, a weird looking potato or anything slightly out of the norm and thought better of buying it, this is where we step in.

Most of this food that doesn’t fit a standard size shape or picture of perfection will be sent to the recycling centre (landfill).  This produce doesn’t deserve the end it’s destined to have because of its non-conformance.

We at Hub will take all of this unwanted produce and items allowing… Roast it, poach it, grill it, fry it, mash it, simmer it, boil it and then present our food to our community on a pay what you can afford or donation basis. Everybody will be welcome to eat in or take away!