Our Mission

Our means to the end is based simply on great food. Cooking and serving. We want to inspire people to develop their skills and attitudes that can become the building blocks of stability and acceptance for the future.

We bring freshly cooked food into the lives of vulnerable people as it plays a pivotal role in helping them stand on their own two feet. Good food and cooking harnesses a sense of vitality and wellbeing, laying the groundwork for contributions to society. 

We will deliver a local service and be rooted in easy access to City and town centers, our range of development and training opportunities within hospitality and customer service will expand to include further opportunities, targeting local commerce and business leaders.

Underpinning this is the principle of developing vulnerable people locally and being responsive to residents with all of the benefits of sustainable healthy affordable produce brings.  We will be customer and area focused, offering service with potential impact to ease unhealthy branded food choices.

Investing in training for detached and vulnerable people and developing local communities contributes to save costs for future sustainability and moving away from the culture of reliance. This will also enable Hub for Grub to continue delivering the service and also providing further help and support to the most vulnerable.

Unemployment and skills shortages are significant in the Black Country. Even more so for people affected with issues of homelessness, addiction and mental health. Hub for Grub seeks to engage with employers and employment agencies working towards change.

We aim to provide high quality training and support by building strong local connections. We will have links to local employers by providing training and development opportunities that fit the industry standards understanding what is required and then enabling service users to gain the skills to access local jobs; this enables access to wider initiatives inevitably leading to self-worth and re attachment to lost family and friends.

The stigma of unemployment and lack of opportunity will be challenged head on knowing vulnerable people will take employment and make better life decisions given fair chances, keeping our communities off the streets with real opportunities.